With available capacity and capabilities, Purity One™ can help you get into production sooner and bring your products to market faster. COVID-19 has further increased already soaring demand for single-use solutions, but more challenging is finding a supplier with open capacity for single-use assemblies. We can help.

In our ISO certified cleanroom, we maintain product integrity and strictly adhere to safety and cleanliness requirements. Our entire team understands that safety and quality are mission critical and we all strive for continuous improvement. 

Controlled Environment and World Class Operations  

      • ISO 13485:2016 operations; Class 7 certified cleanroom manufacturing  
      • Full lot traceability of individual components and final assemblies  
      • Wide variety of options for component and material construction  
      • Specializing in biopharmaceutical and biotech applications  
      • Order assemblies non-sterile or gamma sterilized  

We offer best-in-class customer support, meaning you will receive personalized attention to address your specific applications. Additionally, Purity One™ offers optional expedited gamma irradiation services and priority shipping. This enables us to ensure shorter lead times helping you bring your products to market faster.

Get started today! Use our convenient Single-Use Configurator to diagram your process up front and let our design engineers respond to your needs more accurately and expediently.